Tomas Edision

Thomas Edison
      Thomas Alva Edison was a great scientist, father, husband, and most of all inventors. He is best known as the man who invented the light bulb, but he wasn’t the first to think of the idea. He was born February 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio and died October 18, 1931. His parents were Sam and Nancy Edison. He was the youngest of seven children. He was a very curious boy and he gained an interest in chemical experiments and mechanical things. When he was twelve he got a job at the Grand Trunk Rail Road to Detroit selling newspapers and candy. Around the age of fifteen Thomas saved a little girl from being crushed by a boxcar. The father was so grateful that to show his appreciation he taught Thomas about railroad telegraphy. It turns out he loved it and ended up getting a job as a telegraph operator at Port Huron. Around 1868 he got a job at a western union office which also gave him a chance to work on his inventions. He later got a job in New York at Samuel Laws’ Gold indicator company his friend Franklin L. Pope let him stay in a room there. There was a machine that broke down and Thomas fixed it which got him a job at managing all printer machines. After his mother died he got married to Mary Stilwell they then had three children. The first child was Marion next was Thomas Jr. Edison nicked named them Dot and Dash referring to morse code. The third one was Leslie. Later Mary Stilwell died and Thomas got remarried with Mina Miller they had three children as well the first one was Madelein next was Charles and then Theodore was last for Mary. Seeing that Edison had so many kids you would think that at least three would be famous or really successful but only one was her name was Madeleine Edison. She was an extraordinary woman she had sharp wit and intelligence she could have been a part of her father’s family business only if she wasn’t a girl. She also gave Thomas his only grand children and for a short time she ran for congress.
      When Thomas...