To What Extent Has the Practical and Theoretical Study of Technique Within This Unit Influenced Your Understanding of Your Dancing Body?

To what extent has the practical and theoretical study of technique within this unit influenced your understanding of your dancing body?

In my essay I will be talking about the practical and theoretical study of technique and how it influenced my understanding of my own body.
One of the techniques I will be talking about is Cunningham. Merce Cunningham is a modern choreographer which he started off in the 1940s. Some of his key concepts are that he focuses on the architecture of the body in space, rhythm and articulation. Also from looking at this quote“Cunningham developed a way of referencing "front" so that dancers don't think about movement in terms of moving toward a point in space (often facing the audience), but rather in terms of where each individual body is facing” (legg. J, 2006)   he focuses on the movement he doesn’t like to tell a story he likes it to be very abstract, so that it is not always facing the front, his movement doesn’t have a meaning to it. He also looks at the independent between music and dance, classical leg technique, multiple and simultaneous actions, the chance method, Unpredictable movement with great speed and changing of rhythm and directions and many more.
He also uses ballet into his technique as he uses upper and lower back curves and tilts and ballet legs from the hips down. With this he either uses opposite arms to legs or it can be equal for example he would uses ballet legs plies, jete etc and on the top half it would have a sense of freedom. Some of material is modern based what he uses he mixes contemporary and ballet together to create his technique “While modern dancers rejected ballet elements, Cunningham combined ballet elements with modern ones   and his pieces have been incorporated into ballet and modern dance companies internationally”(bhatt,A. 2012).
Contemporary dance can be as abstract as a painting or it can be about something or based on something. It has modern dance technique in it such as...