‘a Reflection on the Process Between Myself and a Current Client Framed by One or More Theoretical Base, and Demonstrating the Influence of New Learning Provided by This Module.’

Theoretical Frameworks Module

‘A reflection on the process between myself and a current client framed by one or more theoretical base, and demonstrating the influence of new learning provided by this module.’

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When I started this module I was not sure what to expect from it or how it would aid my practice as a counsellor working within the humanistic framework.   What has been offered is the opportunity not only to clarify where I place myself within that framework, at this point in my development, but also where my affinities lie and in which direction my development as a counsellor may take me.   When I think about the opportunities ahead and the possibilities for growth and evolvement I am filled with a sense of excitement and growing confidence.

This essay is an opportunity to reflect on that process of growth and development and how becoming acquainted with different perspectives within the humanistic framework has motivated me to integrate certain interventions in my practice with clients.

I am also aware that as my sense of myself as a counsellor continues to develop I need to bring into my conscious   awareness what that sense actually is, so that it is not just instinctual, but also has an intellectual and rational form.   I have understood that as part of my professional development it is important to be fully acquainted with the details of why and how I choose to work in a certain way.

I have been influenced mostly by the passion each lecturer, within this module, has expressed for their particular approach within the humanistic framework.   It has been that passionate belief that has inspired me to find out more about these disciplines to see if I am as attracted to the in-depth working of the approaches as I have been to the passionate introductions offered by each lecturer.
When I realised that it was the   relationship with the lecturers that was inspiring me and encouraging me to be a more confident...