To What Extent Has the Employment of Motivational Theories Helped Tesco to Maintain Its Role as the Market Leader

What incentives do Tesco use to keep motivating their employees
Motivation is an effective way to generate enthusiasm within the working environment to reach the desired output. In today’s market where different companies with different products are available, which increase high competition. In such circumstances it is difficult to become the marketing leader as well as retain the position in the competitive market. Tesco is number one PLC in Britain and Tesco retains this position from so many years. My topic is ‘What incentives do Tesco use to keep motivating their employees to achieve its strategic goals’. It’s all on the motivation of employees throughout Tesco. There are so many different ways which help company to stay in top position in the market. One of the important factors is motivation of employees or good use of human resources. To make good result from human resources or employee it is important how you treat them, the first or important part to make good use of employees or take good work from them is to motivate the employee.

Tesco is the UK leading retailer. Tesco is one of the top three retailers in the world. It operates over 3,700 store globally and employing 440,000 people. Tesco operates in 13 countries. The first Tesco store was opened in 1929. Tesco adopted all the theories given below to motivate its employee. Tesco use different ways to motivate its employee some of them are reward, training and development, Personal development which shows employees are able to develop and grow, Staff housing and voluntary benefits, Christmas benefits, Employee Share Scheme plans, timely communication, hygiene factors and by enabling satisfiers and so on.

Research for motivation
Rensis Likert (n.k) said ‘motivation is the core of management’. In each and every organisation manager has the responsibility to co-ordinate and motivate its subordinates, how much skills does a manager has, is calculated by the way how he...