To the Editor; an Oped Piece

To the Editor:
I find Robin Hensel’s letter in the April 6th Record to be both misleading and needlessly inflammatory. Her attempt at correlating Camp Ripley to Morrison County’s low state health rating is offensive.
Of the thirty-four facets of the county health snapshot (found at!/minnesota/2014/rankings/morrison/county/outcomes/overall/snapshot ) Ms. Hensel focuses on one- air pollution.   Morrison County ranks approximately 40th for the state in PM2.5 (particulate micrograms per cubic meter) with a 12.4 daily average. Of the top five rated counties, Morrison Beats three (Carver, McLeod, and Waseca), matches one (Steele) and is beat by one (Washington). I’m not an environmentalist by trade, but apparently Ms. Hensel is even less so. As the wind does not blow south in perpetuity, it is interesting to note that Crow Wing county, adjacent to Camp Ripley on the East and North, has a PM2.5 daily average of 12. As an aside, they’re also ranked #48 in the state for health.   Maybe farming and urban build-up have an impact on air quality as well, as the graphics displayed on the previously mentioned website indicate to any thinking individual.
The air pollution-particulate matter facet of the health ranking has only a 2.5% weight in the overall evaluation. Smoking is given a 5% weight, and unemployment 10%.
This discussion is moot, though. Camp Ripley is a benefit to our community and is, arguably, partly responsible for our county not being rated lower in the health rankings. If anything, Robin Hensel appears to be the blight on our community. Maybe we should question the “contaminants spewed into the atmosphere” from her mouth.