To Believe Is to Succeed

Elizabeth Rodriguez
Freedom Writers Diary Book Report
Read 015,Section 71
Instructor - Kimberly Jefferson

                                                      To believe is to succeed                        
One morning a teacher by the name of Erin Gruwell woke up to get ready for the first day of school at Wilson High, but she had no idea that she was going to be the one to save these students from their damaged lives and help them succeed in life. From the beginning the head of the English department was not at all happy she told Ms.Gruwell that she was making them look bad. Bad in what way Ms. Gruwell thought. When Ms. Gruwell entered the class room she found a piece of paper with a drawing of one of the students and she became outraged and felt the students needed to learn more about history, that’s when all the work for her began.
The students were not sure that Ms. Gruwell would make it as their teacher because they   were the ones that nobody wanted to bother with and were considered losers.
When you have someone in life that is willing to take a chance on you and believes in you like Ms. Gruwell did ,you can really learn what life is about and get over the obstacles that are holding you back. This is what the Freedom Writers Diary is all about.
In Diary 2 freshman year there is one student who was confused about why he was in this class with these other students that were not of the white race like him. He felt these were all troubled kids and that he should be across the hall with all the other Distinguished Scholars which are almost all white. He felt that having all these troubled students together in one class would create a disaster. As the weeks went by it didn't get any easier, fights broke out some of the students had friends that were either hurt badly or killed. Also some of the students had trouble at home they...