You Have to Fail to Succeed

“If you never failed you never lived.”   In life you need to take risk and chances in

order for you to experience one of life’s challenges.   If you want to succeed you have to

be willing to take on things that have a high chance of failing.   If you only attempt things

that you know you can do, you’re not challenging yourself properly.   Failures changed

many people’s lives.   In, In Praise of the F word by Mary Sherry, she writes about her

experience and her feelings about failure.  

            Mary Sherry lived in an educational system where kids who were passing the

class and got good grades because they weren’t causing trouble and was a nice student.

Her son a high school student had a teacher who changed everything that she was taught

when she was in high school.   While her son was in English class he would be chatting

and sitting in the back, his teacher said “I don’t move seniors, I flunk them.”   It is said

having the threat of failing it would be a positive way of teaching.   Having the best

interest at heart for the children would better their future and help them become a better

person.   To have the support from the parents and teachers would give the choice to

succeed or to fail.   Sherry said “the opportunity to succeed—or fail.   It’s time we return

this choice to all students.”   To have the opportunity to experience failure is learning

from the past and to receive the knowledge is to be great.   Another kid named Paul Logan

tells a similar story about his failures in “Zero.”

            Paul Logan a normal student who had the fear a failure tells a story about his

experiences.   When he was in elementary school and middle school he would get good

grades and then going to high school he coasted his way in class and remain average.   In

high school his transformed and simply didn’t worry about his grades but only to survive

his high school year.   Instead of worrying about...