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Planned Methodology
For most degree programmes students will also need to outline their research strategy for the remainder of the dissertation work. This may focus primarily on text-based research or it may require practical lab work. Regardless, the student should justify their chosen methodology and explain how it will adequately address the research question.
Future Project Timeline
This section details the student’s plan of action for the remainder of the degree, and is usually broken down into a month-by-month timeline. You should include all the work that is relevant to completing the dissertation, including research, project development, chapter writing and lab activities. You might also include plans for additional skill training, funding bids, and conference presentations.
Help with Writing the Dissertation Interim Report: Tips for Success
• Be Specific: Be very detailed in the information that you present. Avoid generalisations and vague statements of progress. Use examples to demonstrate your progress.
• Be Thorough: Be sure to mention all the work that you’ve done, even if some of it won’t be used in your final dissertation. This foundational research demonstrates your scholarly activity in the months before the Interim Report, and it also shows your ability to make discerning choices about your research project.
• Be Confident: The Interim Report provides you with a useful opportunity to present your progress and refine your future actions with the advice from supervisors and other faculty. However, try to avoid using a tone that makes you seem unsure of yourself or lacking confidence in your own progress. An assured and confident tone will help to convince examiners of your overall level of ability and accomplishments.
• Be Criticial: Your Interim Report should demonstrate your growth as a critical, engaged scholar. This requires you to show your ability to speak about your field in a highly knowledgeable way. Furthermore, you should be able...