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DipWit Y159 TMA 02

After reading Block 3 of `Understanding Management` I feel   I have some understanding of the terms `efficiency` and `effectiveness` as well as some of the other management techniques highlighted in this block.

I am going to use the family unit as the object of this essay and I am also going to use an activity to help show my understanding of the above terms, and how they improved this family unit task.

There are many areas and activities that the family unit embark on that can be analysed to see if there can be room for improvement concerning effectiveness and efficiency. One example is cooking a meal. This is will be the action used.

The effectiveness of this activity would be that it would be cooked in a certain time and that the family would enjoy the meal. The efficiency of cooking the meal is that the amount of effort put in and the physical and financial resources used would provide an output without too much waste, and too much money and energy spent on it that would render the activity not worthwhile.

The activity is a bounded task, there are a limited amount of people involved, limited outcomes and a clear aim.   At the start of this activity there needs to be some decision made as to the urgency of the meal, this would aid its effectiveness. It is concluded that it is of low urgency but middling importance as the family is hungry!

Now interpersonal skills come into play, the family unit consists of four adults so there needs to be some communication with all adults as to what time they would like to eat and what resources and effort they can provide to the activity. This could mean that one member could purchase an ingredient on their way back to the family home, or that that they are prepared to aid in the cooking of the meal. This also has a knock on effect for their abilities to time manage also. Thankfully the members of the family unit have an ego state of the `Adult state` - mostly! But obviously there can be...