Tma 02: the Influence of Piaget and Vygotsky on My Practice

TMA 02: The influence of Piaget and Vygotsky on my practice
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What was the theorist’s main interest in child development?Include a reference to the study materials in your answer to this question | Piaget's theory is focused on cognitive development in children ranging from birth to 11yrs+   "Piaget's main interest was in the nature of knowledge and how it relates to an organisms adaptation to the environment in which it develops" (Book 1:Practitioners and children, 2012 p.93)Piaget's approach to is fundamental to a play-based curriculum and felt that children should be actively involved in their own learning. | Vygotsky's, cultural-historical theory of cognitive development is focused on the role of culture in the development of higher mental functions, such as speech and reasoning in children. His theory is sometimes referred to as having a socio-cultural perspective, which means the theory emphasizes the importance of society and culture for promoting cognitive development.''He (Vygotsky) emphasised the social world surrounding the child, which is very much a product of cultural development. For this reason his approach has come to be known as social constructivism."   (Book 1:Practitioners and children, 2012 p.98) |
Outline the key points of the theory. |  Briefly, he proposed that Children are active learners who construct knowledge from their environments, they learn through assimilation and accommodation, and complex cognitive development occurs through equilibration. The interaction with physical and social environments is key for cognitive development and development occurs in stages. These stages are: -sensori-motor-pre-operational- concrete operational-formal operational | Vygotsky's theory is guided by six major assumptions. That children develop through informal and formal conversations with adults. The first few years of life are critical for development, as this is where thought and language become...