Tma 02 Reflective Practice E105

Tma 02 My Professional Practice: Where am I now ?
Includes statement of Ethical consideration

My Role
I currently work as a nursery nurse in a private day nursery. I am based within the 0-2 room. I have been here 3 years and have gained a lot of experience caring for this age group.
My duties involve me observing the children and planning activities for them following the curriculum guidance for the early years foundation stage 2012 (EYFS).
I am also responsible for the day to day care of the children ensuring that I am providing them with a warm,clean and safe environment for them to learn and explore following my companies policies and procedures at all times.

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In the self assessment profile A ,I have rated myself a 3 for the learning outcome PP6 -leadership change.
I have rated myself a 3 as I feel that during my roles past and present I have gained a reasonable amount of experience,confidence and skills in leadership and change. There have been times that I have been the leader and have had to tell my colleagues 'what to do'.In my current role I work as part of a team from reading study material for (E105, book1 p.24')there may be a designated leader,but the culture of the setting is not one of leader and follower's,rather it is that of a team with everyone working comfortably in a climate of evaluation and reflection. I feel that this is relevant within my role as I am responsible for a group of children whom I am key worker for and to whom I carry out observations, planning and assessments for and their general care and well-being throughout the day and for liaising with parents but I also work alongside a colleague who is known to parent's as my buddy who I share this information with and if for any reason I am not there then she will be able to take over from me and vise versa. We also have other members of staff within our room whom we share the day to day running of the room with and roles as a team to carry...