The Inconsistency Between the Title of the Two Gallants, and the Characters of These Short Story

The inconsistency between the title of the Two Gallants, and the characters of these short story
James Joyce gave an ironic title to her short story. Both of its two main characters, Corley and Lenehan are totally different from the concept of a gallant. Considering that the story is about two adult men, those who persuade a young woman to rob her employer, that criminal act is an apology for gallantry.
The gallant word signifies a fashionable, generous man, who gives polite attention to women, namely it has an absolutely positive meaning. The main characters do nothing in the story, which may be called generosity. They ignominiously exploit the young maid - her emotions and naivety - which is an unprincipled conduct.
The theft was craftily convinced of and executed by Corley. His occupation is not mentioned in the short story, even though it is obvious, that he does not have much money. The slave has an affection for Corley and hereby he influenced her judgement. First he induced the girl to do her some oddments, like “paying the tram” or taking some cigarettes, finally the maid steals him a gold coin from her employer.
  The other character, Lenehan takes part of the stealing only on an indirect way however he was anxious about the plunder too. He is sceptical about the result of the activity besides he worries about getting nabbed. The personality of Lenehan and Corley are similar, they both live dissolute lives in their thirties. They have no secure job or background, for this reason of that they choose the easier way to get money: the guiltiness instead of the uprightness.
Considering the fact that the two “gallants” tempt to stealing the gullible slave in their own interest, they are not generous to anybody but us. That causes the inconsistency between the title and the personality of the main characters.