Dressing for Success
Chapter 6 topics include:
  First Impression
      Dressing for Success
      Dressing for the Interview
      Building a Professional Wardrobe on a Budget
    Each topic will be emphasized to learn about the following:
-Describe appropriate clothing to be worn and why it affects the first impression.
-Explain how your appearance reflects your confidence.
-Discuss important grooming tips you may consider as a professional.
      First Impression     Job seekers must make a good impression. Making a good impression will always be in your favor. The first moment of contact could be made through written via cover letter or email. Other methods could be through verbal communication. At this moment the institute is evaluating your personality, professionalism, mannerism, communication style, attitude, confidence level, and social skills. Preparing for the first contact may give you an advantage if you made a good impression.
Despite the fact that we are being judged, we must abide by their company’s interest. It is important to accept that:
-dress and grooming are critical factors to getting hired.
  first impressions do matter
      overall dress affect one’s professional success.
    Recognizing these facts job seekers and the advancement in their careers improves their sense of style and grooming habits. Understanding the importance of your appearance is the first step in presenting yourself to employers. Developing the skills and presentation to delivering a good impression separates you from another individual who is less succesful. Dress and grooming are significant elements to success and Jintao will cover this next topic “Dressing for Success”. pg110