Title: Brand Awareness and Consumer Perception Towards Compact Segment in India

The research aims
1. To find out factors that forms the chief brand choice criteria for B-segment in UK.
2. To study the consumer purchase behavior for Compact cars. (B-segment cars, compact cars.
3. To Study the preference of brand for B-segment car.
4. To analyze the factors influencing brand preference of cars.
5. To study the market share of major car companies in the B-segment.

The basic purpose of this research study is to find out the profile and preferences of UK B-segment car buyers. The research will be tried to predict with some confidence the qualitative impact of individual structural changes, though, there are difficulties, first, in predicting the quantitative impact of structural changes, and second, in predicting the aggregate effect of simultaneous structural changes that have conflicting effects on profitability and hence the limitations of this analysis. Further the probable future scenario will be analyzed and specific growth areas will be identified while keeping in mind the emergent threats.
A Car is one of the most significant purchases that an UK household makes and this project addresses the most important question that perplexes Car manufacturers:
“What makes the perfect car that a customer will willfully purchase?”
The study will highlight the factors that influence the buying decision of a consumer. The factors under consideration would be:
1. Price
2. Income of the consumer
3. Attributes/ Features in the car
4. Safety Standard
5. Warranty schemes
6. Loan/finance facilities

Along with answering subtly the question: Is an Indian consumer ready for more? It will strive to arrive at the factor, which is the driving motive behind the effective demand of a car.
Or in other words, from the spread of choices offered by various manufacturers under B segments, of which one the customer will finally turn the ignition on and DRIVE.
In an increasingly crowded market, auto companies are...