Local vs. Foreign Brands

Branding has been one of the most important and popular factors in any organization these days. Through branding, a company can ensure a high survivability and generate brand loyalty among the consumer. In this study, two companies have been chosen to represent local and foreign company (Local vs. Foreign Brands), namely Sinar Indah and ChemDry Sabah. By having these two companies, it is easier to compare the importance of branding to the both of the companies. Method of collecting data will only be using a secondary data.
  1.0 Introduction
Before the emancipation of Malaysia during the Colonial period, the population at that time has already been exposed to many types of product and services offered by both local and foreign sources. But at that time, the consumers were not being exposed too much on brands and the product and services were not that particularly segmented. Most of the product and services back then somehow being provided to cater the most honest needs. The oldest brand known currently is Tate and Lyle Golden Syrup, which currently hold a record as the oldest brand in the world (brewed-since 1881).
However, the market has evolved dramatically; the consumer has grown in terms of individuality. So, marketers designed their product and services based on these segmented niches. In order for them to cater these niches they take their brands to another level. The word ‘Brand’ is derived from an Old Norse word ‘Brandr’ which means ‘to burn’, referring to the act of marking their items with their mark. As cited by Davis (2005), history of branding started 4,000 years ago but used to mark fugitives, human slaves, galley slaves, gypsies and animals, but later being developed as mark for property and widely used in United States in the early 19th century.
Brands in marketing can be define as, a set of characteristics that represent physical and social psychological attributes and belief, and it never is just a name given for a product or...