Time When I Took Action

Time when I took action.

My brother and I have always had a deep passion for music. Ever since we were young we have been heavily involved in our school orchestra and band. When we got older, we went to our Electronic Dance Music show, or EDM as they call it. We loved it so much that after we got home my brother said, “Let’s start DJing.”   Since me and my brother have always had similar interests, I said without hesitation, “Let’s do it.” My brother went online and ordered a Midi Controller, which was used for beginners to learn how to DJ. Once we started getting better and becoming more familiar with the industry, we quickly realized we weren’t going to make it very far if we kept only DJing. That is when we took action. We knew that if we really wanted to make it in the industry then we were going to have to start producing, or making our own music.   This all happened about 2 years ago. We quickly started researching trying to find out what was the best software to use, and how to even begin. We had always been around music and knew how to play an instrument but when it came down to making our own sounds, this was new. We finally got a program called Ableton Live that a lot of famous producers use to make music. When we first opened the program, it all seemed like some kind of new language we had never seen. We were literally starting from ground zero. At this time, I was finishing up my sophomore year in high school and it was time to register for my junior year classes. I had been in Orchestra ever since I was in 5th grade, and with this recent discovery of myself that I wanted to become a producer, I decided to instead enroll in music theory. I was interested in learning the in’s and out’s of music.
We started producing and making our own songs, but when compared to that of a real artist, it did not come close. Our only option was to keep going, hoping that our sound would improve and become more real and alive. After about two years of being heavily...