Great Depression

What happened during the Great Depression?   Americans faced many problems.

The government tried to solve the problems. The Great Depression was a time when the

economy was at its worst. It was caused by the stock market crash in late 1929. It was a

political, social, and economic turmoil.

Americans faced many problems during the Great Depression. Many people lost

jobs because there wasn’t enough money in businesses to give all of them salaries. Many

banks had to close because they leant out more money than they had. When everyone

wanted their money at the same time, they couldn’t get it because the banks didn’t have

enough money to give them. Since people didn’t have money, they usually couldn’t

afford food. There were actions taken to solve these problems.

The government and others took actions to solve problems caused by the Great

Depression. President Roosevelt said that the government should put people to work. The

New Deal was what helped the most. It put many people to work and started to stimulate

the economy. The Social Security Act was also passed. It said that senior citizens didn’t

have to work. Soup kitchens help feed people without jobs.

To recapitulate, Americans faced many problems during the Great Depression.

The main one was that they were jobless. Franklin Delano Roosevelt solved these

problems by creating the New Deal. This helped to stimulate the economy. Thanks to

F.D.R, we got out of the Depression.