Tiananem Square

Matthew   Borne

    The   reports   on   the   riot   at   Tiananmen   Square   each   vary   dramatically   from   each   other.   Some   are   pure   facts,   others   colored   by   pure   opinion,   or   reviews   of   personal   accounts,   or   blurred   by   political   persuasion.

    Based   on   my   reading,   the   issues   at   stake   are,   The   slaughter   of   innocent   citizens,   lying   to   the   nations   citizens,   the   differences   in   political   views,   and   the   dramatic   differences   in   the number of   people killed.   The   lie   is   apparent from the quote   by General Li Zhiyun,"It never happened that soldiers fired directly at the people."   If   that   were   true   then   who   were   the soldiers   firingat,   that   the   citizens   got   in   the   way?   In   more   then   statment   it   was   said   that tanks   had   ran over   civilians   and protestors, and   in   the   eyewitness   statment   he   claims   that   soldiers   were   purposely   shooting   down people and slaughtering citizens.   None of   the   reports   could   agree upon   the number of people dead.

    One's beliefs   will color   any issue.   A good   example   is   in   the   statment   of   Chairman   of   the   Central   Military commision,   who   described   rioters   as "bad people" because of their political views.   Also   the   statments from   eyewitnesses   might   be colored to view the soldiers as the "bad guys". Because of the overall   situation   and the differences in political ideals   to that of the government.

    There   are   two issues which seem to provoke the most disagreement.   The first being the most obvious, you have two groups of people one group loves the current government, the other wants a change. The second issue being wheather or not the soldiers were correct in the way they handled the situation.

    There are a few questions that need to answered such as did the rioters provoke such harsh reactions from the military? and was there any history of the "rebellion" being violent?