Macbeth Act 1 Scene 3

Macbeth coursework

Shakespeare makes the witches seem very malicious and evil using a variety of techniques. One of the techniques he uses is pathetic fallacy. He uses this at the beginning of act 1 scene 3 when he says the setting is the heath; thunder enters 3 witches.
This works well because thunder is often associated with evil and darkness due to the fact that it is dark, grey and loud. This leads back to the witches being dark and evil. Also the fact that there on a heath means the are very likely to be isolated from all others another technique Shakespeare uses is “actions” .he uses there actions to make the witches seem extremely corrupt and even satanic . For example “killing swine” which is effectively killing/harming precious human livestock which is our food which will inevitably lead to death. “ill give thee a wind” this action suggests that witches control the weather which makes them mystical and magical. Also if they can control the weather and they make it storm with “thunder”
They must like people suffering from bad weather which again suggests that they are evil. The final action that I have chosen is “here I have a pilots thumb” she took his thumb which is clearly evil in itself but she does this so he can’t steer and will be sailing the seas forever perhaps they are behind the Bermuda triangle?
Another technique he uses is contempary events e.g. linking his points to events happening at the time he wrote the play .for instance “like a rat without a tail ill do ill do ill do ill do” the fact that the witch quoted a rat without a tail means that Shakespeare is implying that the witches could have been responsible for the bubonic plague which was an extremely common illness and was deadly in fact almost every one died if they caught the plague. The plague was also believed to be carried by “rats”. This would have terrified the audience because the audience was already terrified of witches and if they thought they carried the plague or “black...