Things to Do Before I Die

3 Things To Do Before I Die Most people have a hundred things to do before they pass away like claim the biggest mountain, win a gold medal in the Olympics, or just simply buy a house.
Whatever it might be, everyone has at least one mission in life. I have narrowed my list of things to do to just 3. A person should have something to accomplish with their life or life would just be meaningless. One of my first things to do is to get my degree at Lansing Community College. So I and my little girl can have a happy life. I would set a good example for my daughter. If I had a college degree it would encourage her to do the same, and further her education pass high school. I would be very proud of my little girl if she had a degree because she looked up to me. I would be very proud of myself to know I accomplished something that I never planned on doing. When I was younger, I use to tell myself that I would just finish high school and I would be done with school. It’s crazy how things work out. I am majoring in Auto Body Collision Repair, and if I get my degree, I well have more job opportunities which would mean a better paycheck and benefits. I would have more of a chance to be successful.
            The second thing I want to do is to own my own auto body repair shop. Going into business for me would be a dream come true. I think being your own boss, making your own money, and running things your own way is as good as it gets. I think I would be very successful in running a business. Lansing Community College has helped to give me the confidence and intelligence to be successful in running a body shop. I would love showing up for work in the mornings because I would like the people I work with. I would hire family like my daughter. I would give her a job as my secretary only when she’s not in school, so she can earn money and learn office procedures, supply ordering, typing, and more. I would be fair with my customers and give fair prices. I...