Theme: Bible

AP Literature essay: Theme

People have been questioning their existence since the beginning of time. Uncertainty clouds people thoughts on the universe and what makes us human. Men and women have answered that question: Faith in God. Faith is having a strong belief in God.   This enables God’s followers to make decisions, choose paths and conquer fears, knowing their actions are motivated for good.   Characters in the Bible, Abraham, David, and Ruth, demonstrate their faith in God by embarking on His missions without questioning their importance and trusting in His word.
Obedience is needed to serve God faithfully, even at the cost of losing a loved one. God administered a test on Abraham. He commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. Abraham demonstrates his loyalty by his willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac, in the name of God. Through Abraham, God wanted to create a people of obedience and faith. Abraham, as the leader of this people, needed to know he could trust God absolutely-even when obedience threatened to exact an unspeakable cost. God’s purpose was not to take Isaac from Abraham but to test and strengthen Abraham’s faith. Abraham learned that day that God can be trusted. He can be trusted with your life, your treasures, your future, and your obedience.
Having faith in God is not enough to have, courage is necessary to prove faith in God. David represents his faith in God by fighting and killing the giant Goliath. David placed a higher value on religious devotion than on the physical world. David calling upon God’s help in battle demonstrated his complete faith that God would protect him and make him victorious in this epic battle. The giant, a symbol of brute force, is not defeated in David physical strength, but the strength of his faith in God. Ignoring the physical world by refusing armor, David puts his life in God’s hands and rely’s on his guidance to victory. Courage is the absence of fear and David demonstrated courage by his...