Scarlet Letter Theme

In the story The Scarlet Letter, I noticed only a couple of themes. The two themes both have to do with things that most people have always seen as a very bad thing, and they are evil and sin. Sin was the biggest part of the story, since even the title of the story was a sin that has been around for a couple thousand years. This theme is trying to tell us that if u sin in any way, especially if it’s adultery, there will always be a punishment. The punishment will come in any way, whether it be by humans, by God, or even by yourself. Dimmesdale’s punishment seemed to come from himself and humans because he was hurting himself when he thought about it and how Chillingworth has been torturing him for years.
The other theme is how the evil of people could really change a lot of people’s lives dramatically. I obviously noticed how Chillingworth’s revenge went from just trying to find something simple out, to something that he devoted his life to doing. He tried getting his revenge so hard, it affected how he lived and even looked.  
In my opinion, the moral is the same as the theme of the story. The reason I say that is because both the theme and the moral both had to do with how sin always comes back somehow someway to punish you. It rarely does happen by God, except that most people believe God is causing people to punish sinners or he is causing your punishing of yourself. I don’t think that the evil of people, or their revenge, had to do with the moral of the story though because the main theme and moral of the story both had to do with how sin always comes back to punish a sinner.