The World Is Always Changing

The World is always changing. Everyone or everything is different compared to the previous years. My family has no exception. There is a major change that occurred to my family, especially my father, and this change has a big impact to my whole family.
In the following paragraph, I would describe the change and its effect, discuss how we coped with the change, and discuss the different stage that my family went through before accepting the change and how we feelings and thoughts changed as we went through the different stage.

My father is the director of a property management company, he is the only one who goes to work in our family, he cannot manage his money well, and he does not save the money though he can give family expenses. He quietly loves horseracing. He loves engaging in social activities and always treated his friends to meals. He doesn’t have any intention to save money for future use and believe this behavior is not a problem. He evens withdraw the capital of Incorporated Owners of some properties that his company managed. His accountant always warned him about this behavior, but he never changes that.

One day, the treasurer of Incorporated Owners of one property discovered the withdrawal of the money, the treasurer warned my father’s company to put the amount of money that he withdraw back. And this brings a serious matter to my dad. One week later, he found a buyer who agreed to purchase his company and was willing to offer a price that is enough to pay the amount of money that he withdraw back. But finally he rejected the buyer’s offer after having second thoughts because he had some bank loans to pay back. Therefore, he asks his sisters for help, and my mother suggested asking her sisters also. Initially, the relatives raised fund to the company and they becomes the creditor of the company (including both relatives of my father and my mother) and the company needed to have the repayment to the creditor each month for...