Capital Punishment

Ashley Bayles
Prof. Slagter
PS 101
16 November 2007
Topic: Capital Punishment
The issues of capital punishment are prevalent in today’s world. The United State, being the developed country that it is, still acting upon the death penalty is seem unreal to me. Accurate knowledge for all would be a good characteristic to have in making the decision about the death penalty. I plan to address the factual and public opinion aspect of the death penalty and come to some type of resolution of why was it reintroduced, what are justifications for it and the people who are in agreement of the death penalty.
Literature Review
        Capital punishment is a major issue in today’s world. Many factors are involved in capital punishment. In my research, I found that a simple explanation as to why people support the death penalty is because supporters do not know the arguments against the death penalty or have been misinformed (Koppen, 2002, p. 79).   Furthermore, if the population were informed, a large majority would oppose the death penalty (Koppen, 2002, p. 79). However, to the extent that support for the death penalty is based on retribution or revenge, more information does not increase opposition to the death penalty (Koppen, 2002, p. 79). This idea being ignorant of the facts about the death penalty is said to come from former Justice Thurgood Marshall of the US Supreme Court.
      The abolishment and re-establishment of the death penalty has being taken into effect through many years. In the 25 years since the reinstatement of capital punishment in 1976, the frequency of executions has increased (stated in 2002) to the point where executions are more or less a routine event (Garland, 2002, p. 460). Texas was carrying out executions every other week during the time (Garland 2002: 460). According to the Death Penalty Information Center (2001), between 1973 and 2001, 98 people in 22 states have been sentenced to death and subsequently been found...