Examine What Methods Writers Use to Keep the Readers Interested in a Short Story

‘Examine what methods writers use to keep the readers interested in a short story’

I have been reading a selection of short stories all in and around the theme of horror and thriller. The three stories I have chosen to further analyse are: The Tell Tale Heart, The Monkeys Paw and The Landlady. My analysis will be of three main components of the authors style of writing:
How the author has created an interesting opening?; How the central character and narrator are used to create interest?; How the details revealed of the plot by the writer intrigues the reader?;
How the writer makes the build up to the climax interesting?

The Tell Tale Heart opens with the central characters narration:
                                ‘True! – nervous – very, very dreadfully nervous..’
The reader straight away from the first line is able to recognise the characters feeling of hesitation and slight unease. This makes the reader want to read on to find out what the happenings surrounding the character are to make them feel in so hesitant and uneasy.
This opening is followed straight away by a question :
    ‘..but why will you say that I am mad? The disease has sharpened my senses—not destroyed – not dulled them.’
This question works so as to make the reader curious as to what it is this man in talking about and why it seems that he is defending himself from a person calling him ‘mad’. This proves a good opening as it urges the reader to continue reading so as to understand what it is the character is talking about.

In the Tell Tall Heart the author uses the central character as the narrator. This allows the reader insight into feelings and emotions of the character that may not have been portrayed in much detail   (and it is this detail which makes the story)had the character not narrated it himself. An example were the character explains feelings that would have allowed the reader less detailed had the narrator not been the central character is when the character...