The Wave

The Wave deconstruction table
Theme | Technique | Quote or Evidence | Effect |
Conformity versus individuality | contrast | Laurie, (page 119) “Well, count me out.I told you, I quit…People have been hurt” . She says this in response to David as he pressures her to remain a part of The Wave movement.David (page 119) “The Wave is still for the good of the whole.” he says this even though he knows that some people have been using Wave as an excuse to express the hostile aspects of themselves. | It underscores the fact that there will be people who choose to maintain their individuality in the face of even the strongest social movements, even if it means paying the price of alienation and hostility from others. Furthermore, it highlights the way that some people remain conformists even when they know that the power system that they belong to is abusive on some levels. |
The hypocritical nature of human beings | repetition | Page 13 Eric: “All I can say is, I would never let such a small minority of people rule the majority. Brad “I wouldn’t let a couple of Nazis scare me into pretending I didn’t see or hear anything.On pages 98-99 we find out that a victim of an attack by members of The Wave, was Jewish. Mr Saunders tells Laurie “But Laurie, the boy is Jewish”. Later on we find out, on page 104 that the members of The Wave who attacked the boy, did so because he was a ‘dirty Jew’. | Emphasises that, even though, people criticise the atrocities that accompany every war, they still repeat tragedies that are almost identical in nature. |
Control through propaganda | symbolism | The Wave salute, symbols actions and slogans are used repeatedly to enforce and reinforce The Wave movement.   Slogans | Elucidates the mechanisms utilised in order to manipulate masses through propaganda. Saturation of imformation for the purpose of persuading or positioning the public. slogans |
Abuse of power | allegory | All of the major events in the novel are parallel to the...