Unit 1 2.1 Factors Affecting Young Persons Development

Lavly Begum 23rd Sept 2011:

Unit 1; Q2.1 –Understand the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s environment.

Q 2.1 Describe, with examples the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development including:

a) Background
Pupils may come from a wide range of different family environments, cultures and circumstances for example their parents may come from a foreign country and have different religious beliefs. This may affect the child as they will be taught something different at home and school may be teaching something else and this may confuse the child. There may also be a language issue as the child may speak the parent’s language at home and may have problems speaking English at school.

b) Health
If pupils suffer from poor health or physical disability, it may restrict their development opportunities. Health can be affected by low income and a range of socio-economic factors such as access to good-quality health services and shops selling good-quality food at affordable prices. The child’s emotional development will also be impacted depending on their illness of their needs. It is important that adults in schools are aware of these situations and circumstances so that they can support them by ensuring that they are included as far as possible.

C) Environment
Different circumstances or environment to which pupils are exposed during their childhood and teens will also affect their development. Many families go through significant changes for example illness, moving house, family break-ups, changing countries. This will have a big impact in their development and on the way, pupils will respond to different situations.