The Secret Life of Bees Character Journal

• Lily Owens- Lily is a fourteen-year-old girl, when she was four, she accidentally killed her mother, she lives on a peach farm in rural South Carolina with her father. Lily’s most prized possessions are a few things of her mother’s she found in her father’s attic.
• Rosaleen-   Lily’s nanny and first friend. Rosaleen is a black woman who originally worked as a peach picker in the fields belonging to Lily’s father. Six months after Lily’s mother died, T. Ray took Rosaleen out of the fields and assigned her to taking care of Lily.
• Terrence Ray (T. Ray) Owens- Lily’s father. A peach farmer, T. Ray was once passionately in love with Lily’s mother, to whom he was married. After his wife left him and later died, he became a bitter and resentful man. He abuses and punishes Lily by making her kneel on dried grits, making fun of her attempts to better herself through reading, and refusing to offer her any signs of love. T. Ray takes out his general resentment and bitterness on Lily, the product of his lost love.
• August Boatwright - A middle-aged black woman who welcomes Lily into her home. August lives in a pink house in Tiburon, South Carolina, with her two sisters, May and June. Together, May, June, and August are known as “the calendar sisters.” By selling honey, she supports herself and sisters, as well as Lily and Rosaleen, once they come to stay at her house.
• Zachary Taylor - Lily’s best friend and romantic interest. Zach is a junior at the black high school in Tiburon and plays football for the school team. He is handsome and has one dimple when he smiles. He is ambitious and hopes to be a lawyer someday, although he has never heard of a black lawyer. Sensitive Zach forms an attachment to Lily, giving her gifts and positive attention. He works on the Boatwright’s’ farm to earn money for college, to buy a car, and to be self-reliant.
• June Boatwright - Sister of August and May and part owner of the Boatwright farm. June finds it difficult to like Lily at...