The Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries of a Teacher in the Teaching /Training Cycle

The role, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher in the teaching /training cycle


The roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher are wide and varied. These three qualities change and evolve constantly. The role of a teacher is to impart knowledge, facilitate learning and generally watch the welfare of his/her students. The responsibility of a teacher is to plan and assess his/her students’ learning needs and also to provide a safe learning environment. The boundaries of a teacher are those set up by the educational organisation/institution which the teacher needs to adhere to, incorporating their own ground rules. These rules are setup at the beginning of the course clearly and implemented consistently throughout the year using the school policies which are in place at the time.

Roles and responsibilities of a teacher
A teacher is not just a teacher but has many roles suiting the learners’ educational needs. The teacher could be a personal tutor, an interviewer, a record keeper, a role model and may other sub roles in a student’s life. However the key role is to teach and impart knowledge and to present this learning in an interesting way that students understand it very easily and can relate to it. This role is presented to the student.

“The role and the responsibility of the teacher is a complex one. We are charged with ensuring our learners gain their qualification in a manner which is favourable to their own needs and those of the awarding bodies.”1

As the above statement suggests, we needs to know from the very beginning why the students have joined the course and it’s a teachers responsibility to provide value for money as well as making sure they adhere to the curriculum and the teaching organisation is benefiting with a good pass success rate.

In order to present the unified and ideal role as a teacher to your students, a teacher has his/her own responsibilities to fulfil in order to satisfy the needs of the...