The Role of Cognitive Function

The Role of Cognitive Ability in Everyday Functioning

I have chosen the article called The Role of Cognitive Ability in Everyday Functioning: Medication adherence as an Example because it discusses everyday functions as you get older and what issues could cause them. It breaks things down into understanding your cognitive functioning as you age. There are a few ways to help with this listed in this article but plenty of information to help you better understand how different your functioning is when you are older compared to when you are a young adult. Personally I have never really thought much about any of this until I came across this article and I find it rather interesting. I chose this article because it is rather interesting to learn and understand the functions you use each day and what issues affect them. It has bits of information about how these things are caused, a few things to help with these things. It discusses how executive processing, working memory and a few other things are what are needed to comprehend what you need to do at times when you age.

This would be a great article to write a research paper on because it is very detailed and informative. It has information from tests conducted and studies that have been done about how your cognitive ability everyday changes from a younger age through your older years. It breaks down into many different reasons while these things happen and why certain things happen to certain people, everyone is affected differently. It even discusses medications that cause these problems and how they cause the problems. It breaks it down on which cognitive functions you need to follow and understand simple instructions for medication. As you age these things get harder to understand and comprehend. So if you needing some information about understanding cognitive functioning with age this is a great article to read.