The Relevant Knowledge of Fote Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is also called vibration screen, sand vibrating screen and rotary vibrating screen, which works by the repeated spiral vibration produced by the shock excitation of vibrator. The upper rotation heavy hammers on the vibrator make the screen surface produce plat spiral vibration, and the lower rotation heavy hammers will make the screen surface produce cone spiral vibration, and the compound effect is to make the screen surface produce repeated spiral vibration. The vibration locus of the materials is a complicated space curve whose projection on the horizontal plane is a circle and an oval on the vertical plane. Adjusting the exciting force of the upper and lower rotation heavy hammers can change the amplitude and adjusting the space phase angle of them can change the curve shape of the movement locus of the screen surface and change the movement locus of the materials on the screen surface.

Vibration sieve Features:

1. Ring groove rivet connection, advanced structure and excellent durability.

2. Tire couplings ensure flexible connection and smooth operation.

3. Beam of the vibration sieve and screen box are connected by high strength bolts, with a simple structure and convenient maintenance.

4. Designed with a simple structure, with eccentric block as excitation, strong vibrating force, low electricity consumption and low noise.

5. Uses small amplitude, high frequency and big angle structure which enables it to have high screening efficiency and great handling capacity.

6. Uses large clearance bearings and is lubricated with thin oil. It causes little noise and has a long service life.

7. The parts have strong applicability and are convenient to maintain.

8. Equipped with various accessories. Various types of vibrating screen machine are available to satisfy different market needs and to achieve the best screen effects.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen Application:

The vibrating screen machine is used to separate...