The Price Is Wrong

The Price is Wrong

People say a free education at one of America’s top universities is not a good enough reward for being able to run fast or jump high. This is complete crap. The amount of benefits that even a D3 athlete enjoys is more than enough payment for what they provide the school.

College athletes are provided with thousands of dollars in benefits for playing a sport they love, so an additional paycheck should not be needed.

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Source A
Auburn Elvis. “380,000 Student-Athletes”. Auburn Elvis. 3 November 2010. Web. 15 February 2011.

The following picture shows Auburn University varsity football players at a Halloween party dressed up as what they want to be after their respective collegiate careers are over.

Source B
Moore, Terence. “Paying College Athletes Just Plain Stupid”. Fanhouse. 13 October 2010. Web. 9 February 2011.

This excerpt is taken from an online article discussing the impact of Title IX on athletics.

Whatever you pay the football and basketball players, you would have to give the same amount to every female athlete on campus -- as well as to all of the men involved with swimming, tennis, baseball, wrestling and whatever other teams you have.

"You'd have to pay all of them, all right, and remember: it's tough enough to run a college program now and break even, especially since some schools make money, but not many," said Homer Rice, 83, who quietly ranks among the most significant persons in sports history.

Source C

Pickle, David. “NCAA’s Cryder went pro in something other than sports” NCAA. 27 August 2010. Web. 21 February 2011.

The following is an excerpt from an NCAA blog, about an athlete who made it profesionally in an are other than athletics.

“We had to define and assess the understanding of the NCAA, and that was rather  painful,” he said. “What...