Cynics Might Dismiss ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ as Mere ‘Public Relations’, but They Are Wrong. ‘Discuss’

Cynics   might   dismiss   ‘Corporate   Social   Responsibility’   as   mere   ‘public   relations’,   but   they   are   wrong.   ‘Discuss’

According   to   Wikipedia,   corporate   social   responsibility   is   defined   as   a   form   of

corporate   self-regulation   integrated   into   a   business   model,   whereby   business

takes   responsibility   for   the   impact   which   its   activities   make   on   the

environment,   consumers,   employees,   local   community,   stakeholders   and   all

other   sectors   of   the   public   sphere.

From   researching   the   various   aspects   of   corporate   social   responsibility,   I   am

torn   between   weather   it   is   right   for   a   firm   to   engage   in   this   practice   or   if   it

would   be   serving   society   better   by   having   the   sole   objective   of   generating

profits   and   letting   the   government   worry   about   the   social   costs   of   business


While   I   agree   with   Milton   Friedman   that   the   primary   responsibility   of   a

corporate   executive   is   to   the   individuals   who   own   the   corporation,   I also   feel

that   it   is   simply   not   enough   for   the   government   to   be   the   only   group   of

people   expected   to   carry   out   the   functions   needed   for   a   society   to   flourish.   I

don’t   completely   agree   with   Friedman   when   he   says   that   social   responsibilities

are   the   responsibilities   of   individuals   and   not   of   business   because   it   is

ultimately   large   corporations   which   are   responsible   for   the   destruction   of   the

environment   and   the   employment   of   millions   of   people   around   the   world.

Without   socially   aware   business   leaders   (e.g. Andrew   Carnegie   and   Henry

Ford)   many   people   would   be   living   in   extremely   harsh   and   difficult

circumstances   because   in   some   countries   governments   have   failed   to   take

any   responsibility   from   a   social   point   of   view,   and   as   a   result   the   existence