The Power of Music

In society today con often pose to be therapy for people going through a hard time. In my life music can serve as a distraction from problems, unless it possesses some meaning to a situation that is going on. The song Heaven (Little by Little) by Theory of a Deadman talks about the pain of losing something or someone. It helped me to see that the pain and confusion of losing someone is hard to go through, but there are people that can help you through it. There is never a right time for anything bad to happen, but it is inevitable and the timing may not be good, but you have to learn to roll with the punches. With each day that passes I find myself wishing that the people I love were here, only to quickly realize that we are more than miles apart. With each day that passes, I can only come to find myself wishing that life was back to the simple place it used to be when I was a kid, only to later realize that those were two very different times. Songs such as ones like this pose as a way out of a problem, and provide inspiration for me to move on in life.
The song Heaven (Little by Little) is reflective and mellow. It looks on what life is like and what good there was to remember, and forget all the bad.   There is a certain calmness to the song that sooths and makes you forget the bad. It calms the anger or sadness that comes from losing something. It allows for clarity and some distance from the problem. In listening to the song I learned that it is the good memories that are worth keeping, while the bad ones drag you into the darkness. In looking back in life remembering the good times that I had and holding onto those thoughts allow for life to continue. Every memory that is carried around should bear meaning to it and be worth remembering.   The song makes it feel like it is okay to remember and miss something or someone, but there is a time to move on. The song gives advice on what to do when dealing with difficult times, and helps to move on in life.