The Portrayal of Women's Imag in Magazine Advertisement

The Portrayal of Women's Images in ‘Nari’ Magazine’s Advertisements

This paper focuses on gender behavior pictured in the advertisement of an issue of Nari monthly (2068 Asar).The study aims to see how gender images in print advertisements have been presented? What messages about women have been given to society through magazine advertisements?   The paper will analysis all of the print advertisement and try to sort out the gender behavior portrayed on them and illuminate how advertising functions to display our notions of gender roles, making use of visual meanings. Since advertising reaches millions of individuals daily, it is obvious that advertising in women’s magazines plays a major part in creating and maintaining the consumer culture in which we live.
Advertising is “an idea may be developed to give the sense of giving notice of something of   telling someone about something” ( Barnard 27).   It is a social practice, and it does not operate in a vacuum. The social role of advertising involves a number of interconnected relationships.   Studying advertising, special emphasis needs to be put on visual images as nonverbal symbols. As a socializing agent, the visual imagery provided by the media can have a powerful impact on our attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors, since it can contribute meanings and associations entirely apart and of much greater significance. The images conveyed by advertising have become so sophisticated and persuasive that they now organize our experiences and understanding in a significant way.
Advertising occupies a special position within the economic organization of a modern society, and it is not just an economic entity. Advertising deals with ideas, attitudes, and values, giving them cultural form through its signifying practices. Advertising gives meaning to words and images. Through this process, advertising diffuses its meanings into the belief systems of the society. As Schudson   puts, the promotional culture of...