Drug Use in the United States

Drug Abuse in the United States
                                                                    Richard Coward
                                                                  September, 17, 2011  
                                                                      Dr. Pat Dobbs

    Most think that drugs are the root of all evils of today‚Äôs societies as some would say. Others say that law enforcement spends too much money and time on the lesser drug Marijuana, not the person who has twenty pounds of the drug, but the smaller user. Most would say that drugs of any kind are bad and should be eliminated as well as those who would use them. Drugs are a very difficult subject to talk about and some people are very uncomfortable speaking about it. An estimated 20.4 million age 12 or older were illicit drug users. (Recovery Network 2007). This should tell any free thinking person that how many people are trying or regular users of illicit drugs. This suggests that out of ten people three are drug users of some type. The new drug of choice is prescription pills and this kind of use is growing at an alarming rate. These drugs are not only being used at a high rate, but also there is a high demand for these pills from Paxil to Hydorcodone. These kinds of prescription...