The Photograph

The Photograph Essay

There are many narratives or stories that been created for people’s entertainment for profit, whilst some try to create a narrative that has a hidden message or just try to show the reality of the world. “The Photograph” is the kind of story that the author made in order to make people re-think their current lives. The purpose of this narrative is to send several messages to people around the world especially those who are living in Most Economically Developing Countries (MEDCs) of what life is like in Africa, to try and make people turn their mind then start helping those who are in need, tell people not to waste their food and send a message to all the young girls not to feel about their bodies. Therefore, it can be seen that the author of “The Photograph” is trying to reach the reader’s heart rather than entertaining them.

Firstly, the author tries to each into the audience’s mind and let them think for a second on that fact that those who are living in a wealthy family or rich country, which called MEDCs need to have the idea of helping other people rather than being selfish and cowardly. They need to know that there are a large number of people who need their help, who are starving to death. More than 50 percent of the world is living in a Less Economically Developing Countries   (LEDCs). Large number of people is living on the African continent and there are multiple problems they face. Africa has many weird diseases, hunger, drought, and war; people who live there need the world to help them, to give their countries aid so that they can stay alive and be happy like the rest of world are.   Everyone in the world should know that those who live in Africa are doing their very best in order to survive. They may not be rich but at least they have the heart of wanting the best for their children; they would put their lives at rick if their children were in danger. The author of “The Photograph” is trying to tell the world by describing...