The Patriot

'The Patriot'

When the Articles of Confederation didn't show to many good results ,giving the states too much power and after all the pressure from king George to the 13 colonies ,finally people began reacting to all the abuses of the taxes and domain from the king and decided to declare the independence of the colonies. That's when people got inspired by a lot of different reasons and decided to either help participating in the army or in the different militias .

The history presented in the movie "The Patriot” shows the militias in it selves. People in the militias used a different technique as the army , being smarter than the enemy they used strategies ,like hiding behind the trees and then surprising the enemy attacking from the nothing ,taking their time to react as they would if they would be alert of the attack. Militias as shown in this movie ,were constituted by mostly farmers ,trying to protect their families ,most of them ,because they suffered from the lost of different members of their families, like the case of Benjamin Martin .They didn't have uniforms like the army and the weapons that they had were weapons of their own .People in the 1770's were being governed by the king ,whom used to impose taxes without the people participating in the decision of this. That was the main concern shown in South Carolina as shown in the movie. The British in the movie were the villains ,they were shown as monster without souls that didn't care anything but killing people and winning the war. Then when farmers and regular men saw this they decided to form a militia , which helped them a lot but also raised the fury of the British .They couldn't believe that common people without the provided training and powerful weapons could be smarter than them.

When the American army was loosing their power ,that's when they decided to be united with the militia using the advantage that this people had ,intelligence ,and the most important the heart of truth patriot...