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high and low level radioactive waste by dumping it into the Arctic seas and any other low-level waste into the Seas of Japan”(Nitze). “Radiation from nuclear waste is known to cause a series of reactions in body tissue that results in damage to the bodies cells”(Daley). This can cause disease, such as cancer, injury, or death. The effects on the human body make the situation even worse for the people of the world. But, an even more common threat is the use of incinerators and landfills, for the reducing and disposal of waste. Using incinerators to reduce the volume of trash not only causes air pollution but also produces toxic ash that must be disposed of in specially made landfills. Landfills themselves can pollute groundwater after heavy rain, which would then be drunk by the surrounding population.

With these kind of results, one can see how this is a large part of why the environment is contaminated. These are the types of problems that are making environmental pollution even worse. This is especially for the people of the future who are going to have to deal with the issue to an even worse extent. The only way to decrease the amount of pollution that is being created is to start directly addressing the issue now, which will not only have a positive effect on the environment but, also the people living in them.

Addressing environmental pollution in the world will not only do good for the environment but also for the people that