The Motikone People

The Motilone is a small Indian tribe in South America located in a remote jungle between the borders of Venezuela and Colombia. It’s believed that the first contact of the Motilone people with civilization was through arrows. The community was very dangerous and unwelcoming to the foreign people and they lived in total seclusion from the rest of the world. No one had ever attempted before to learn the Motilone language or even move close enough to be able to describe there culture.
Despite this primitive and dangerous aspect of the Motilone people, Bruce Olson, by then only a 19 year old boy opted to interact with them. His decision was partly because of his curiosity and more of his desire to help a community deeply affected by diseases. This decision seemed very risky among his friends and family since the Motilone arrows had wounded and killed a great number of employees to the American oil companies which were exploring oil in the neighborhood. Due to the poor environmental conditions that the Motilone people lived in, Measles outbreak led to a number of deaths and this eventually caught Bruce eyes to go and help this community.
Marriage and family systems
A family system is defined as the social interactions, patterns and interdependence that exist between members of families, especially as they pertain to the impact of one member’s action on the others in the family.
The Motilone lived in a very organized community, well structured with the chief, the warriors and the witchdoctor occupying the top most positions. They were accorded much respect since they played a major role in protecting the community from outside enemies as well as solving disputes arising within the families.
Contrary to my community where we mostly live in private homes, the Motilone lived in communal homes made up of a number of families. However, the similarity is that each family lived independent of one another. Each family lived a life of...