The Little Mermaid

There once was a mermaid unlike any other mermaid. Her name was Ariel and she was the prettiest mermaid under the sea. Her sisters, Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, and Alana were all extremely jealous of her and would constantly try to sabotage her life. Although her sisters were continuously trying to hurt her, Ariel loved her life and was nice to everyone around her.  
One day, while Ariel went out with her best friend Flounder, the sisters got together and planned to eliminate Ariel from the ocean. It was a cruel act of jealousy but they followed through with it regardless of the consequences. The sisters contacted Ursula, the wickedest witch of the sea, to turn their own sister into a human, forcing her to live on land. Ursula immediately loved the proposal and agreed to give Ariel legs at once.
On Ariel’s way back home to her castle, she noticed a bottle sitting upon a rock but little did she know, Ursula had placed it there. This bottle was glowing with a neon blue color, luring Ariel in with its unique appearance. When Ariel picked the bottle up, a note was attached that read “If you drink this potion, you will fall in love.” Ariel, who has always wanted to fall in love, drank the potion and suddenly she began to feel something take over her body.   Her heart began to beat faster and faster and her vision became blurry. Her scales slowly disappeared as human flesh began to break out from underneath the surface of her body.   She felt a horrible pain in her chest as her gills no longer worked and her lungs filled with water as she gasped for air.   Her eyes began to close and she faded into unconsciousness.
Along the shore a young man saw a girl being brought in by the waves. He immediately ran to her. He fell unto his knees in the wet sand.   As he pulled her onto land and put her head back into his arms, she coughed out water.
“How did this happen to you?” he asked, but she couldn’t respond. She no longer could speak. “Are you okay?” he asked....