I was about four years old when I went to California. Although I have very little

memory of going

there I know I had a lot of fun!  

                      My whole family went, including my cousin Kayla, age 3, my Uncle Bob,

my mommy and of course me.

                    We got on the plane really early. I was so scared to get on the plane because

a ton of air was blowing between the entrance of the plane and the hallway. When we got

on the plane we sat on the right

side, Kayla and I fought over who got to sit closest to the window, but eventually Kayla

won.   My uncle said that I could sit closest to the window on our way back. After Kayla

and I finally figured out who sat .where, Kayla and I helped my uncle and my mom put all

our carry-on bags in the over head compartment.

                  When we arrived in California we started walking over to the car rental place.

It seemed like it was completely across the airport, and it was an especially long walk

because we were carrying so much stuff.

When we got tot the car rental place my uncle told them his last name, then the

people at the rental place gave us a key and told us our rental car was a red mini van, and

it was at the front of the airport.
When we got to the front of the airport my uncle got the key out of his pocket and opened

the doors and the trunk while Kayla and I got into the van. My mommy and my uncle put

all of our luggage in the trunk, then started driving to the hotel, which was right across

from Disneyland.

The next day we went to Disney Land. On the first ride, the seats were shaped like


Kayla and I really liked that ride. We also loved the Tea Cups. My uncle would spin us so

fast we almost got sick. My mommy just took pictures while we were on that ride! My

absolutely favorite of all time was the Materhorne. It was in the shape of a mountain, with