Ball Mill Is a Key Equipment in Tungsten Ore Production Line

The ore grains with well flotability will selectively cling to the bubbles and then go up to the mineralization foam layer which is formed by gas and liquid and solid. Then through mechanical blowing or spill from the pulp surface, dehydration and drying, the lead concentrates and zinc concentrates can be got. The mineral grains with bad flotability, such as gangue, will be discharged as tailings from the flotation tank bottom. This is the positive flotation that is said by lead-zinc deposit concentration equipment experts. If lead-zinc mineral processing technology floats the useless mineral grains out and keeps the useful mineral grains in the ore pulp, this is reverse flotation.

When the tungsten ore aggregates are fed to the tungsten ore milling machineries, they will be ground to incredibly small particles. Hongxing usually supply ball mill for customers to develop tungsten ore production line. Ball mill are extensively utilised in various of mining manufacturing line, this kind of as iron ore dressing plants, copper ore concentrating plants and gold ore beneficiation plants, and so on. It effectively satisfy various needs of clients.

The lead-zinc ores come through crushing and grinding and are dissociated into monomer particles, which meet the Relations with lead-zinc mine technological requirements. Then the corresponding lead-zinc mine flotation reagents are added into the ore pulp and the mixtures are mixed until the flotation reagents can fully react with the ore grains. The flotation reagents can expand the flotability difference between different mineral grains. The prepared ore pulp is sent into flotation cell. Then through mixing and air inflation, the ore grains in ore pulp contact with and crash the air bubbles.

According to Tungsten ore characteristics and gangue content, different technics could be used in beneficiation process.

First, uniform fine particle sizes are produced through the crushing and grinding process. And then...