The Interrelationship Between Gerard Egan's People Helping Model and Carl Rogers' Theory of Person Centered Therapy.

Describe the interrelationship between Gerard Egan’s People Helping Model and Carl Roger’s theory of Person Centred Therapy. Compare and contrast these approaches with one other secular counselling approach and a Christian counselling approach.

In order to describe the interrelationship between the theories of Egan and Roger’s, and then compare and contrast with two other models by Alfred Adler and Gary Collins, I will outline each one individually first.
Gerard Egan is professor of Organisational Development and Psychology at Loyola University, Chicago. His ‘People Helping Model’ seeks to empower clients to manage their problems effectively, overcome obstacles and explore unused opportunities. The skilled helper’s role is to assist the client to achieve the goal that seems best for them.
Its three stages help the client address three main questions:-
The present - What is going on now?
Helps the client tell their story, use reflection to break through blind-spots and understand what is really going on and prioritise and focus on the right problem.
The preferred - What do I want instead?
Helps clients to question and explore their views, using their imagination to explore possibilities, choose realistic goals, and find incentives that will help maintain their commitment.
The strategies - How might I get what I want?
Helps the client find possible actions, identify the best fit strategies (what will work for the client) and formulate an action plan to determine what next and when.
Not everyone needs to address all three questions and may move back and forth between stages. It is meant as a simple flexible guide that can be adapted to a range of individual needs and situations.
Carl Rogers 1902 - 1987 was an influential American psychologist, and is among the founders of the humanistic (client/person centred) approach to psychology. The goal of Person Centred Therapy is to provide clients with an opportunity to develop a sense of ‘self’ wherein...