Ranita Wallace
Olabisi Aldenekan
ENG 125 Introduction to Literature
March 25, 2013

How does diversity compare with the racial status between the literary poems? Diversity poems are used to portray the slavery times, in which most people try to avoid. How can we be able to understand when the diverse concept is being used within poems?
In the literary works of two short stories. I have chosen to write about two great stories that contain diversity and racial remarks. These passages are written by two different authors in which have the same reasoning to write their story. The first story that I would like to bring to attention is written by Nadine Gordimer, 1975. It take place in South Africa, with a white male and black female. In which they had a secretive love .This story has a way of changing the attitudes on the way people think on interracial relationships. Many people have different perspectives in the way this can go but the way I see this story the theme takes place in late slavery times. In which they were allowed to have interaction with one another.   This story has so much detail, I am able to walk with them to the water and see their love for one another.   I think the way this story can be portrayed could be a sad love story that has to have a sad part because what if this is real and more than likely back in slavery days this act was not permitted. Interracial love was forbidden, this was an act of heart full love. The second poem that I have compared “Country Lovers” to was written by What It's Like to Be a Black Girl (For Those of You Who Aren't) Patricia Smith (1991). The story takes place with a young black girl similar to the character in the story “Country Lovers”. Although one of the stories has love hold their characters together.   The short story has mental images that the reader is able to put him or herself into the life of a young black girl. Comparing these two different stories was not difficult, because the stories...