The Ideal President

The ideal President
By: Carolyn Sykes

Delano High School
Period five

Leaders are very important in this day of age. We need good leaders to guide and direct us, with the decisions we need to make and the problems we face in the world today. They help us do things we are not authoritative enough to do.   Leaders are suppose to be role models and good influences on the young people of today, so they can be good leaders in the future like they are. Leaders are there to lead us, so we do not mess things up by being inexperienced. We have leaders to represent us as a group, not individuals.
The first quality a good President should have is honesty; they should be able to tell the truth. They should not lie to us about anything even if it may cause panic or distress towards anyone or anything. A good example of honesty would be Abraham Lincoln, also known as “Honest Abe”. When Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer, he hardly ever took payment for his services, and once when he owned a store, he realized he did not give a woman enough tea for the money she gave him, so he measured it out and took it to her personally and she did not even know she was short. This should influence our president of today to be more like him.
The second quality a good president should have is open-mindedness; they should be open to new ideas and listen to what other people have to say, but they do not have to agree or do what they say. For example, if there is a war or something a President does not know how to handle or solve, they need to be open to ideas from other people, but   that does not mean they have to do what they say they should just listen and be open to what they say. That is an excellent quality to have in the presidential occupation.
The third quality a good president should have is fairness; they should be fair to everyone, even to other countries who we are fighting against or they are unfair to us. For example, if a country who has threatened us before needs...