The Ideal Body Image

The Ideal Body Image: An Unattainable Aspiration Created by the Fashion Industry
The latest fashion trends, which come as frequent as seasons, create new and stylish outfits. Clothing designers are constantly coming up with new looks to make sure customers continue to spend money due to the desire to achieve satisfaction with one’s appearance. Designers are aware of how people long for acceptance; therefore they create an image, which is considered desirable. By advertising gorgeous people in their clothes, designers hope that customers will believe that purchasing outfits will make them look stunning. The constant craving for this physical gratification allows the fashion and beauty product industries to expand and succeed financially. Today’s society is built around appearance. Many times, first impressions are made on physical appearance. Designers of clothing lines and beauty products are clever but unethical in the way they advertise their products. By hiring ridiculously good-looking models, which make up an minuscule portion of the world’s population, the industry influences customers to believe that using their product or wearing their clothes will make them look more like the model. The model and photo editing programs, such as Photoshop, make the ideal look truly beautiful. The changing trends in fashion also promote customers to continuously spend money to stay up to date. Females are targeted more than males by corrupt advertising techniques due to the fact women tend to take more pride in appearance than men. Advertising also promotes people who may look great, but in reality are unhealthy. Customers who desire this perfect ideal image not only are let down, but also look down upon themselves. The fashion industry creates an unattainable image that promotes rejection and failure while destroying any chance of having self-worth.
The process the fashion industry uses to advertise their products creates a deceptive image of what the product does:...