The Hurt Man by Wendell Berry

During a lifetime mankind gets revelations, whether it is in your childhood or when you are an adult a revelation will change your way of seeing life. Sometimes it will affect you in a bad way but mostly a revelation helps you through life, and from the time you get one it will follow you for the rest of your life. This is exactly what is happening with the main character Mat Feltner back in the late 1888’s in the short story “The Hurt Man” written by Wendell Berry.
As readers we are introduced to the five years old boy Mat Feltner who lives in a small town called Port William with his mom Nancy and dad Ben. The town Port William is a town with lots of trouble and daily fights at the saloons “And in Port Williams […] anger had a license that it might not have had in another place” . Therefore is Mat very overprotected by his parents who won’t let him out of sight the first couple of years. But at the time he is five the protection turns into another level. He can now run around in the town on his own, even though we get the impression that Mat’s brother and two sisters died in this town, because the parents let them out of sight “There were in fact uncountable ways for a boy to get hurt, or worse”   This shows us as reader that it is a very dangerous town to live in, and this quote support the theory that the town “killed” Mat’s brother and two sisters “And the mortality lived and suffered daily in the town was attested with hopes of immortality by the headstones up in the graveyard, which was even then more populous than the town”   This is shocking that there is less people living than there are dead in the town. The mother wears black clothes all the time, she is still mourning over the death of Mat’s sisters and brother. The fact that she still is mourning tells us as reader that she maybe blame herself for the death of her children.
Mat had come unexpectedly into the Feltner family and they refer to Mat as “a blessing” because Mat´s brother and two sisters are...