Hurt Man

Part A
The text The Hurt Man by Wendell Berry is dealing with the theme of how protective mothers can be to their children until someday when they are big enough to be alone and not being in sight all the time, in the text we hear about Mat Feltner, who is 5 years old and lives in Port William.
Port William where Mat lives was a small town, with only one road going through and in rainy days it barely could be called a road. Port William was like a classic western town, with the school in one end, graveyard in the other. In the center of Port William there were several stores, two saloons, a church, a bank, a hotel and a blacksmith. Port William was full of mortality and the graveyard was more populous than the town. There were always dangers in Port Williams, because of the road where there always were horses, droves of cattle or sheep or hogs or mules, so it was very easy for a child to get hurt or more.
It is a third-person narrator, that doesn’t interfere directly in the story; the narrator only gives us a panoramic description of the situations from Mat’s mind and actions. The text starts in medias res and not in a traditional opening with a description of the nature or something. The text is told in retrospect and chronologically.
Mat had a brother and two sisters at the graveyard, so that’s why Mat is getting protected so much by his mother. Mat was seen like a blessing in his parents eyes when he got into their lives. The first four years of Mats life he was watched careful by his parents, but now when he was five it was the housekeeper. Mat was curious like every other five years old boys “He would stray off to where something was happening” (l. 32).
Mat’s mother, Nancy Beechum Feltner, weren’t afraid of letting her son go around now when he had turned the age of five “Nancy Beechum Feltner was not a frightened woman, as her son would learn” (l. 38). It was only on Saturdays she drew a line between him and the crowd that filled the town and drank a...