The Guttmacher Institute


Christina Dean
Grand Canyon University
PSY - 225
Dr Brenda McCaa-Bentley
November 08, 2011

The Guttmacher Institute is quite full of studies on HIV, STI’s, or STD’s, and let us not forget the abortion or “unintended” pregnancy, depending the era one may have grown up in. birth control, condoms, the use of both condoms and some type of birth control. There are also many groups out there that are challenging the Guttmacher Institutes methods of research and the possibility of contradictory results, challenge the crystalline image that they have manifested over the years. I cannot in all honesty say that I am in agreement with some of these so called researches on contraceptives, sex response studies, abortion rates, etc… it appears to me that most of the Guttmacher Institutes   research is conducted in third world countries and in poverty stricken areas of the United States.
The United States Conference of Bishops, in 2006 stated that “The report (GI) tries to maintain an impossible balancing act: claiming the goal of reducing abortions, while at the same time calling for more aggressive promotion of abortion services” (McQuade, 2006, ¶ 02).   The Guttmacher Institute appears to do most of its research in low income areas and health clinics. The Guttmacher Institute states in an article on abortion that “women at risk of having a repeat abortion share many of the same characteristics as women at risk of having a repeat unintended birth, including age, number of prior births, and race and ethnicity” (Cohen, 2007, ¶ 07).   Here in lies the age old debate of church and science clashing heads yet again.
Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, was recently on the Sunday morning show, Face the Nation, in this interview Mr. Cain stated that Planned Parenthood clinics are intentionally set up in African American areas. Mr. Cain further states that these clinics...